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Safe and Healthy Dog Breeding in Pensacola, FL

Your search for a four-legged family friend depends on many factors, not the least of which is the status of the dog’s breeding in Pensacola, FL. You want a healthy and even-tempered puppy that’s going to fit well into your family life. It’s important for you and the dog.

At Puppy Love Play and Grow, we breed superior puppies that are fully vetted and up to date on vaccinations. All our puppies, our Maltese and Morkies, include health certificates from a licensed veterinarian.

The Right Dogs for the Right Homes

We breed and raise dogs that are suited for our climate. They are very good with children and make excellent family pets. We want to make sure our Maltese puppies, Toy Poodles, and other breeds go to the right homes, so we require all interested parties to complete an application to ensure a good fit. We do not sell our puppies to re-sellers, and each of our dogs is ready to go at a minimum of eight weeks of age.

We will talk with you to ensure you are a good fit for your new puppy.  We expect our buyers to be responsible pet owners who live in a pet-friendly environment and are ready to assume a long-time commitment. We stress to our customers that dogs require ongoing grooming and health care with expenses that can add up significantly over time.

Maltese Puppies Pensacola, FL

The Details

Each of our puppies, and other breeds, are available (please our gallery). We don’t accept personal checks and encourage you to contact us to arrange payment and delivery. In our area, we can deliver the puppy to you, or your puppy can be flown to your location. Otherwise, you are welcome to come and pick up your pet from us. Each dog comes with a puppy pack, a welcome letter, and a month’s worth of food. Also included is a guide that discusses puppies and the stages they go through.