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Mobile Dog Grooming Services in Pensacola, FL

Keeping your dog clean and healthy has never been easier than with the mobile dog grooming services in Pensacola, FL, from Puppy Love Play and Grow. Our certified Master Groomer offers a full range of professional pet grooming solutions—from breed-specific haircuts to doggie baths and nail trimming—to help your pets looking and feeling their very best.

With a keen eye, our groomer looks over your pet and ensures that your furry friend is cleaned thoroughly and made up to look their very best. Contact us today to learn more about our professional dog grooming services or to schedule a visit from our Master Groomer.

Affordable Grooming Solutions

With our grooming services, we only work on dogs that are 15 pounds or less, and we only charge $50 for a visit. That makes us an excellent deal if you are looking to provide grooming care to such breeds as a Maltese, Silkshire, or Morkie. All of our dog grooming is by appointment only. Typically the grooming session takes about an hour.

Finding a New Friend

In addition to our mobile grooming services, we also have a wealth of experience regarding responsibly breeding and raising puppies with loving care. With a variety of breeds that are ideal for Florida weather, we are sure to help you find the small, cute, and cuddly friend that will perfectly fit into your family. Reach out to us today to learn more about our adorable pups and services.

***Mobile grooming Only is available

Dog Grooming in Pensacola, FL