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When you feel ready to bring a new companion into your life, finding a credible and reliable dog breeder can be tricky. There is more to the pedigree of a puppy if you’re looking for a new family member, which is its temperament, its health, and size when grown. That is why people in neighboring cities count on Sharmel’s Furry Best Friends for our commitment to excellent dog breeding in Pensacola, FL. We ensure all of our puppies are raised with love and care, prioritizing happiness and health to prepare them for their forever homes.

Whether you live in Brent, West Pensacola, Warrington, or other surrounding areas, you can rely on our basic dog training to help your pup get used to being around other dogs and humans, develop a routine, and learn what acceptable behavior is and what isn’t. Responsible breeding is our top priority which means taking care of puppies in every facet, including professional dog grooming. Ensuring that people have a reliable place to take their puppies for amazing services is what brings us joy and fuels our dedication to raising the best pups.

Contact us today to learn more about our dog breeding services in your area. We’ll be happy to talk in further detail about our Maltese, Silkshire, and Morkie puppies.