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The Benefits of Dog Grooming in Pensacola, FL

When you first think about dog grooming in Pensacola, FL, the main benefit seems obvious—it will improve your pet's appearance. However, that isn’t where the benefits end. In addition, there are several great reasons to book an appointment with the groomers at Puppy Love Play and Grow.

Improve Hygiene—and Smell

One of the main reasons to get your furry friend groomed is to help them with their hygiene. Our skilled groomers are able to clean and brush away all of that dead skin and buildup that can accumulate to help your dog not only smell better, but also feel better. It is also worth noting that a healthy, shiny coat is much less likely to shed all over your clothes and furniture.

Early Detection of Skin & Health Issues

If you are taking your dog in for regular pet grooming, the staff will become more familiar with your dog. This familiarity lets your groomer notice if any new abnormalities appear during the grooming process, including bumps and lumps. It can even include flea and flea egg detection. By catching these issues early on, you can take the steps necessary to stop a serious condition from spreading.

Reduces the Chances of Ear Infections

Dogs do a lot with their ears, but one thing they have a hard time doing is cleaning them. A groomer can get rid of the buildup that can develop in your dog’s ears to help them avoid painful infections—which is the leading cause of deafness in dogs. They can also trim away any of the lengthier parts of hair or fur that could be exacerbating any issues.

Helps Reduce the Risk of Bone Deformations

Trimming your dog’s nails is an essential part of not just the grooming process—but your dog’s overall well-being. This is because if nails grow too long, it can become uncomfortable for your dog to walk. This can cause your pet to change its posture, which can lead to arthritis, bone deformations, and bad posture.

Get Rid of Pulling Matts

Dogs with medium to long fur are highly likely to develop matts over time. This is when the coat becomes bunched up and entwined. If left untreated, these matts can end up aggressively pulling on your dog's skin, which can lead to discomfort and other skin issues. Regular brushing and grooming help stop these matts from developing—or remove them if they have started to form.