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Meet your new furry, four-legged friend at Puppy Love Play and Grow. We are a dog breeder in Pensacola, FL, that raises puppies with compassion and care. We invite you to visit us and meet our active, friendly, and playful pups. You may take home a new member of your family—or, take advantage of our numerous dog care services. From adoption to grooming, we encourage you to raise a lifelong friend the happy and responsible way.

Fluffy, friendly, and eager to have fun: that’s what describes the types of puppies we raise and train! We offer Maltese and Morkie puppies for sale. These dog breeds are well-known for their playfulness, active demeanor, and curiosity. Additionally, they adapt well to Florida’s hot and humid weather. When you visit us, we are confident you’ll befriend one of our puppies and begin a lasting friendship.

As responsible dog breeders, we want you to establish a friendship with your puppy that will last a lifetime. Therefore, we empower prospective adopters with the information and preparation they need to build a forever home. We expect all adopters to be prepared to raise their puppies and live in a place that can accommodate the lifestyle of an active pet. Our breeders do their part to prepare owners by going over basic pet care and supplies. We also do our best to educate owners by providing information about puppies and their stages of growth.

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With the right care and attention, your furry friend will be a wonderful member of your family for years to come. It all begins with the right attitude and treating your pet with love and respect. Let us help you raise your puppy. Our breeder offers dog training and grooming services to all owners. We are well-versed in obedience training, which provides the opportunity for you to grow as a responsible dog owner.

Our groomers are seasoned animal allies. We utilize gentle grooming equipment and safe animal care products. Additionally, we are knowledgeable in styles and techniques that allow dogs to live comfortably in the Florida weather. All in all, you may count on us to help you and your animal friend to forge a lasting bond.


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Puppy Love Play and Grow offer friendly and healthy puppies for sale. We have very high standards as dog breeders, and we make sure to deliver animals with a solid pedigree. You won't have many behavioral problems with our dogs, as all our puppies receive expert dog training and come to you ready to join your family. We are committed to finding permanent homes for our dogs with people who love animals.

Sharmel, our owner and founder, has more than 30 years of experience with dogs. She is licensed by the Department of Education as a Master Groomer and also has a certification from the Florida Academy of Pet Grooming. Sharmel is a retired Navy dog handler, and she utilizes her experience from the service to raise healthy dogs. We look forward to meeting you and helping you adopt a pet for your family.

Contact us and arrange a consultation with our dog breeder. We serve clients throughout Florida and Alabama.

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